The Lace Wars Project

Below you will find all of the posts that relate to my Lace Wars project, they are grouped by subject and are (roughly) in chronological order.

The Foot
Assembling the figures
First steps among the Foot
A second unit joins the ranks
British  Line troops begun and completed
Spanish Regulars
Spanish Morenos
Spanish 3rd Tercio
Grenadiers (at last)
Danish Garden til Fonds begun, and in progress, and completed
A few more British, Fusileers this time

The Horse
Regiment zu Pferd Margraff Philipp von Brandenburg; started, in progress, and completed
Austrian Cuirassiers

The Guns 
The beginnings of the artillery, some generic Spanish/French guns and gunners

The battle of Santa Margarita

      Fort Matanzas
              Laying out the grounds
              Adding details
              Finishing the surface
             Information source
             The finished model

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